Mecsek Martial Arts School

Self defense training

Defend yourself in all situations! Gain real usable knowledge at the Mecsek Martial Arst School.  Fill out our application form for more information!

In the Adult Self-Defense Program of the Mecsek Martial Arts School, you can learn the basics and advanced levels of self-defense. The base of our method is built around the Japanese Ju Jitsu and the Russian Systema supplemented with Knife Fight and Military Close Combat elements.

Mecsek Martial Arts School
Mecsek Martial Arts School
Mecsek Martial Arts School
Mecsek Martial Arts School
Mecsek Martial Arts School
Mecsek Martial Arts School
Mecsek Martial Arts School
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Table of contents

About the training

For effective learning, our workouts also include biomechanical, anatomical and psychological knowledge. In order to have real, usable self-defense knowledge, we not only practice the techniques, we also spend time developing the necessary strength and endurance. You can test your skills in stand and ground fight sparring.


What is Jujitsu?

Jujutsu, also known as jiu-jitsu and ju-jitsu, is a family of Japanese martial arts and a system of close combat (unarmed or with a minor weapon) that can be used in a defensive or offensive manner to kill or subdue one or more weaponless or armed and armored opponents. A subset of techniques from certain styles of jujutsu was used to develop many modern martial arts and combat sports, such as judo, sambo, ARB, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts.

What is included in our Jujitsu training?

Failing Techniques
– Punch and kick techniques
– Takedowns, Sparring
– Defense against armed attack
– Opportunity to competetion

What is the first step to get started?

Come to us and try one of our training without restrictions. Please apply as a first step by phone, email or using the application forms. If you do not have time to predict your intention to participate, look for Máté Bánkövi Instructor 10 – 15 minutes before the training time.

What kind of clothing will I need?

Suitable for any long leisure pants (without zipper and buckle) and a solid color t-shirt.

Who can take part in our trainings?

Workouts can be viewed and tried out for anyone. An application form must be fill out before the training. Our trainings can be attended without a registration fee.

How much do training cost?

9500 HUF/month or 1700 HUF/training

Where can I find the Mecsek Martial Arts School?

Pécs, Megyeri Street 26/1
Tuesday and Thursday 19:00 – 20:30